Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mohawk Choir of St. Regis on NCPR

The quote from Carol Ross that inaugurated this blog was taken from a brief 4 1/2 minute news piece that North Country Public Radio did in 2000 entitled "Meet the Masters: Mohawk Choir of St. Regis". The news piece is still available online on the NCPR wepage (follow the link above).

You can also hear some authentic Mohawk chant in the background done by the St. Regis choir. The news piece starts out with the Mohawk Sanctus or "Holy, Holy, Holy": "Saiatatokenti, Saiatatokenti. Saiatatokenti. Niio Se8ennio Sabaoth..." It appears to be a similar setting (or perhaps the same setting) as the one for the Mass of the dead in Cuoq's Book of the Seven Nations (p. 17). There is also a second hymn or chant that I haven't yet identified.

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