Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It has arrived....

When I got home yesterday, the Kaiatonsera Teieriwakwatha was waiting for me.

It's going to be hard to give a first impression as there's very little text in the book that *isn't* Mohawk. Only a few snatches of Latin--no French headers, as in the Book of Seven Nations.

But a few observations:

1) The book has *lots* of chant. Except for 126 pages of hymn text in the middle (no music), the rest is words with chant notation. It tells you which tone things are sung in.

2) Many of the Sunday propers here are in chant rather than just text. Moreover, they seem more close to the Roman propers. There definitely seems to be s greater variety of introits over the course of a year, and there also Alleluias which I don't remember in the older book. It also looks like there was a considerable expansion of the propers between the 1865 Book of Seven Nations and this work in 1890.

3) The old Jesuit letter "8" has been replaced here with plain old "w". Not very important, but just interesting typographically.

More as I delve deeper into this and learn ecclesiastical Mohawk better....

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